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EDT XL Multitool

13 Tools in 1, this lifesaving tool is strong enough to stand up to virtually ANYTHING you can throw at it and yet it still tucks away neatly in your pack.

Hybeam Poplamp

YAG bulb puts out over 300 Lumens and runs for 36 hours straight on a single charge. With a simple twist, pops open and turns into a mini lantern.

Everstryke Pro

15,000 strike with a flame over 600 degrees, replaceable flint included, the wick lasts 10x longer. Contains the flint and wick in one all-inclusive fire starting kit.

Tactical Range Bag

The perfect way to carry everything you need at the range! Multiple pockets and cushioned gun holder to keep your gear  very safe!

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

32oz stainless steel water bottle with clip. Perfect for any outdoor adventure. 

Paracord Bracelet

Over 8 feet of 550LB paracord. Durable, interlaced for long-lasting use. And fits around most wrists! 

Paracord Water Bottle Clip

550LB Paracord clip with a compass, flint and striker and emergency whistle.

RFID Card Sleeves

Use these sleeves with all your credit, debit, access control, and government issued identification cards. Protect your cards before a digital thief steals your info.

HR 300 Titan

19 different functions in all. Some of those are obvious – like digging holes or gardening. Made from aircraft grade aluminum and 440C stainless steel. 

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 PLUS: Today You'll Get Basic Membership in the Family Protection Association for an ENTIRE Year (Reg. $49 yr.) FREE!
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