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Have you ever been camping? Or hunting and fishing?

How about in a survival situation?

Do you really know what you need to survive in a wilderness emergency?

It might seem backwards, but you do NOT want to have as much equipment as possible.

Sounds crazy right?

But think about it.

When your life is on the line, efficiency is everything.

You have to be lean and multifunctional.

And so does your gear.
I was like you once ...
I filled my survival stockpile with as much gear as possible. I wanted to be prepared. I needed to be prepared. To have every tool for every situation. To have the newest gadget, the sharpest knife, the most food...

Look, keeping your knife sharp is important. And food .. well, food is a must.

But other than that, what does a person in the wild really need?



And light.

Traveling with less gear, but with gear that can do more, allows someone to travel faster. And leaner. Once I realized that, I started downsizing to more useful gear instead of just more gear.
Which brings me to the point of this letter ...
My name is Joe Marshall. I'm the editor of
I'm a survivalist, and an avid camper.
And I have to go back to my first question - do you really know what it takes to survive an emergency situation or the wilderness?

With no food, water, shelter, or light?

Imagine it. A car accident. Or a camping trip gone wrong. You walk through the woods hungry and alone. The temperature drops and you feel the cold dampness of the trees weigh down on you. With no light, you can't find your way. You can't find food. You can't signal for help... And when you come across water, you're not sure if it's even safe to drink without boiling first...

Which is why the Stone Mountain AquaLight™ is SO important.

With the Stone Mountain Aqualight™ you can reach into your pack and immediately have 12 hours of bright LED light to lead the way. Thanks to the solar panel powering the Aqualight™, you never need to worry about batteries for light again. And with 3 settings plus an SOS mode, the Aqualight™'s glow helps anywhere.

The bright glow of the Aqualight™ lets you really see what's going on around you... Maybe a way to safety? Food? Water? Not to mention the the security you have in being able to SEE where you are! Now you can see animals scurry by in the night and maybe even potential dangers. With light you can begin to hunt down food, water and even shelter for the night.

And thanks to your Stone Mountain Aqualight™, when you do find water you can scoop it to boil IN your Aqualight™. The Aqualight™'s special silicon construction withstands temperatures and indirect flames of up to 750 degrees!

Look, when you ask me what is the first tool I choose, I'm going to tell you a knife. Every time. But that's an obvious answer and an easy decision for me. But after that, it gets a little tougher.
Fortunately, the Stone Mountain Aqualight™ makes that choice a lot easier for me.
To replace everything the Stone Mountain Aqualight™ does separately, you would need to haul around all of this gear!
This amazing piece of technology combines the best aspects of multiple pieces of gear into one rugged, easy-to-store tool. The lamp is collapsible, waterproof, solar powered, and thanks to a special silicon construction, the Stone Mountain Aqualight™ is even fire resistant! You can boil water right in the bottle, purifying the water from any bacteria, viruses, or parasites you may come across.
Obviously the Aqualight™ isn't just a light. It's also:
  • Solar-Powered, so you never need to worry about charging
  • Collapsible, and fits anywhere
  • Waterproof to store your valuables and keep them dry in streams or rainstorms
  • Fireproof, which lets you boil your water without a pot
  • A Canteen, with its own measuring cup printed on the side
And when the sun goes down, the Stone Mountain Aqualight™ is here to keep you out of the dark.

When hunting for food, use the Aqualight™ as a beacon to draw fish to you, so you don't waste any energy looking for your next meal, or as an SOS beacon for first responders to find you in an emergency.

The Aqualight™'s glow lasts up to 12 hours on a single charge. And with 3 different settings, including low, high, and strobe, have the light you need to illuminate your campsite on the darkest of nights.

It even has convenient USB charging cable so you can charge your Aqualight™ at night or on the road!

Survival isn't an option. It's a necessity.

Whether you're boiling water, keeping valuables dry, lighting your way, or signaling for help, the Aqualight™ is a must-have utility tool for every outdoorsman.

And the truth is, the Aqua Light isn't just for the wilderness. The Stone Mountain Aqua Light collapses down to a third of its size, even fitting into your pocket. It's an incredibly useful tool to keep in the home or the car, or anywhere you keep a bugout bag. Half a million homes are without power in the USA every night. Don't let your family be stuck with no light in an emergency.

Now, if you can even find the Aqualight™ at any of the big stores, they retail for $24.99-$39.99.

To buy everything the Stone Mountain Aqualight™ does separately, you would need:
Now you are looking at spending $60 dollars or more!

(And that's not counting batteries for the lantern or a measuring cup for the canteen)

Not to mention it's going to be bulky to carry and weigh you down...

But today as one of our readers, I have a special one time offer for the Aqualight™ that won't even cost half that!

When you order the Stone Mountain Aqualight™ today, you pay just $19.95.

I'll even cover shipping and handling!
Look, my job is to find the best survival tools for our readers at the lowest price. And to do that, I make bulk purchase deals with large manufacturers to get the cost of products as low as possible, then pass those savings onto you.

With the Aqualight™, I couldn't secure as many as I usually can, since the manufacturer only had so many and supplies are extremely limited, so don't wait to order yours today!

If you wait until the next time you need the Stone Mountain Aqualight™ then it won't be available, or you'll pay three times as much and you might not get the same quality. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Read My "Iron Clad" Money Back Guarantee...
Guarantee: If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied with the BioLite CampStove Kit, even if you don't like the color of the box or how it feels in your pack, just send me a personal email any time in the next 30 days for a full, prompt refund. Fair enough? 

I am that sure this will work for you.
YES! Please give me the Stone Mountain Aqualight™, that charges with just the power of the Sun, and is fireproof, waterproof, and collapsible, so that I am prepared for the next emergency situation for only $19.95.
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Copyright 2019 - Family Protection Association